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Contract Killers: A Deep Dive into Its Compelling Characters

Well-crafted characters are essential elements of every story. Having fun  with readers and the charactersation a little bit hope people like the concept .  So what kind of concept is this .  It’s a relative concept to tv series such as scorpion , or corvert affars combinding concept storylines cobinded for thought for a interesting venue within mercenary stories .   A real treat in Steven C. Gray’s “Contract Killers” nice titlisation for concept similar to the bram stoker’s dracula original let us reveal the element of compelling characters iquiering minds want to know .


Meet The Misfits

A social out cast definition of social misfit is “a person who is different or separate from society in some way .  I  don’t see how this applies to mercenary perhaps government officials , corpratte officials or corrupt attorney  legal represenitives with alternate motives .

The Mysterious Leader

The common question among superhero teams & concept  ranks is who is the team  leader .  The contract killers are being operated from ( pentagon ) u.s. Cammandos ( u.s. Marine )  government program sargent major lauren  schultz with partner agent ross of the u.s army .   Cia operatives  organizes their missions then wrapping up federal cases , but desgizing their voice as the simulated voice over. Torpedo triggerman a makshift charlie’s angles scheme .

Arch Enemy’s

The Best thing about the charactersation has got to be the acrh enemy scenario . Everyone serves a significant role within the concept . Because every character has a connection witch moves up within the ranks of the concept story . The novice small fish getting you ready for the bigger sharks in the water within the ranks .

Leader of the Pack

That one every so often (good or bad) that is the most significant threat among the ranks . Reputation , connections , experience overall game that one or two who stands out within the story concept .  Lieutenant general  nina sylvia difox      Alias : “ St clare “  is a french air force piliot  who has a killer instinct & respectable formula 1 technition . Who has the experience as mercenary & unlikely leader of the team . … Rivals with valentori & ( para praza ) a corprate lawyer who is highly skilled, )  miniputive , deceptive type

This palestinian operates on a corprate level as concept specialist Black opps   rapid intervention Force influential, and successful in her field of practice has the ability to create attack strategies and concept brand designs.   Sabotaging enemy lines to infiltrating enemy concepts .

 Pure Evil

Who is the most powerful of the mercenary concept .  I think who is the biggest of threats are characters Queen medalia , Major Valentori , Dr.monroe ,& Major  laconte .r  anderson .  Now Anderson is a corrupt U.s. Commando who was captured on a black opps mission in 98’ latter rescued in a dug traficing cosperiacy ring , u.s. Army double cross later to revealed as a curupt cartel informant. Major Valentori is corrupt British commando who floats underneath the radar showcasing herself as a Billion dollar bussiness concept ceo military supplier  . Dr.Monroe is a sandra miller once a respectable , Psychologist from benji south  africa as sandra miller in benji , south africa  was caught Up in a elaborate kidnaping . On going search , developing case , reveals that sandra miller was sighted as a wanted serial killer and criminal mastermind now  marlon monroe concept  in mexico city .   Gets reinvented as a cybernetic alein mercenary



“Contract Killers” is more than simply a book , it’s an opportunity to merge cia ,fbi , or special forces tv concepts into ideal mercenary book . A nice small investment within jounalisim hope you like it . Don’t find yourself in a competitive world of corporate espeinoge & moving up the ranks  looking for the realest one . Every hero needs a enemy sometimes were two of the same If you’re a lover of fiction looking for a story that keeps you hooked from beginning to end, this is a mustread book or chill out & watch Baywatch or Barbwire chow ?

Are you ready to experience diverse characters and engaging storylines that leave you turning pages till the end? Then get ‘’Contract Killers’’ by Steven Gray now! 

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