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Lack of A Good Read in Today’s Market

Complex plots are hard to compose properly, and that’s putting it lightly. Devising a clear storyline is tough as it is; it only gets further problematic with complexity added to the plot. The perfect length so as to not drag the story, the right use of plot twists, and keeping the audience hooked and engaged with the story are all crucial aspects that need to be paid proper heed. With more availability of writing resources, the industry has become saturated. It seems that every other person these days has a story to tell, and every new day there are countless new publications. This makes it tough for a reader to find a quality book with the essence of literature regardless of the genre.

Further adding to this problem is theatre and blockbuster cinema’s complete invasion of the reader community. The appreciation for a thrilling read of packed fiction has thinned down, while CGI and action sequences in movies are the subject of long-held conversations. To retain the once mighty and expansive fan base of fiction books, there is a need for incredible and well-written fiction books in the market.

A perfect example of such a book is the amazing late work of Steven C. Gray in his book Contract Killers. Contract killers is a work of fiction by Steven where he talks about criminal misfits and how a secret intelligence exploits them. The book orients around a team and their exploits, exploring many themes like drama and corruption.

This book goes on to show how complex plots can be brought to the surface of a paper with great detail and composure. It is apparent that Steven’s book is one of patience and thorough thinking. Steven salvaged a mainstream plot and gave it originality and justice through his imaginative approach and expertise. This book exemplifies how careful attention to a plot can bear the wonderful fruit of an appreciative audience and an even better reception. There is a clear scarcity of books such as Steven’s, and this is as good a time as any to address this issue.

Steven C. Gray’s “Contract Killers” is out in the market and proves exemplary for today’s writers and readers alike. You can get your book early to read a little about Steven’s exciting story, as this book will surely hit the market with gusto.


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